2006 Walks

Here are some photos from our walks in 2006. Click on the photos for a larger image.

Patching Pond
17th Dec 2006

This is the view looking across to Longfurlong.

Patching Pond at the end of our walk.

Wisborough Green
15th Oct 2006

With horns like those, it's lucky we didn't have to walk through that lot! But shortly afterwards, we entered a field with a bull wandering around...

This is at Hawkhurst Court, in the middle of The Mens ancient woodland.

When we stopped for lunch this dog appeared. He begged for scraps, but sometimes we're a mean lot!

Lavington Common
17th Sep 2006

This is the view from the spot where we stopped for lunch.

John attempting to make an exit from the field with the frisky donkey.

Jack and Jill Windmills Walk
27th August 2006

Here are a few photos from the walk we had starting from the Jack and Jill Windmills.

The view from Ditchling Beacon.

Some views from Wolstonbury Hill looking back towards the Jack and Jill windmills.

This is the entrance to the railway tunnel at Clayton - there's somebody living there!

Eartham Wood
14th May 2006

On our walk from Eartham Wood we saw lots of bluebells.

You can just make out Halnaker Windmill on the hill.

30th April 2006

Scene seen at Bignor on our walk from Whiteways Lodge.